People at launch watching presentation

The G1000 team in Cambridge had a launch event on 12th October 2017 with the aim to spread the word about the concepts of the G1000 and see if people and organisations can help us move forward.

One of the G1000 organisers, Steph, gave a presentation about how the G1000 works and how it brings the community together. We ran a small demonstration about how the process sets an agenda for the whole room using a wordcloud and mobile phones.

Scene at Cambridge Launch event with Steph being interviewdAbout 30 people came along and it was great to see everyone learn about the concept and then discuss how it could help with the work that they do in the community. Local activists, people from the council, members of the public all engaged together and found it a rewarding experience. There were a lot of offers of support to take the concept forward and hold the G1000 day in 2018.

Some members of the media attended with interviews being done by Jeremy from ThatsTV.

Food buffet for launch event

Here is the presentation we made on the evening, the word cloud, the short video and the long video we showed.

Keith Garrett


Candidate for Cambridge MP